Plaque GLO toothpaste and torch system helps the patient track down the problem areas that cause decay and gum disease. Plaque GLO contains a plaque stain, which will only be visible under the blue light supplied within. This shows them where plaque remains after their usual brushing technique, and where they can expect problems such as gum disease and tooth decay.


  • Flashlight shows plaque.
  • Available in Mild Mint flavour for adults or Yummy Tropical flavour for kids.
  • Assists in modification of toothbrush technique.
  • 25grams.


1). Brush teeth using PLAQUE GLO toothpaste.
2). Rinse thoroughly with water (as with all toothpaste products it is not recommended to swallow the paste).
3). Shine the torch onto the teeth. Remaining plaque will illuminate when exposed to the blue light.
4). Remove any remaining plaque by brushing or flossing the identified areas.

Piksters Plaque Glo(25g)

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